Matrix Repatterning

Root of the Problem

Matrix Repatterning targets the source of the problem within the deeper layers of the body, with gentle, hands-on techniques that restore and correct imbalance at the cellular level.

That is why Matrix Repatterning is able to get to the root of your problem.

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What Is Matrix Repatterning?

Matrix Repatterning is a breakthrough method of correcting injury and eliminating pain or discomfort by treating structural imbalances at the cellular level result in global biomechanical reorganization and postural stabilization, encouraging the body towards normal, pain-free function. It is currently in use by physical therapists, chiropractors, physicians, osteopaths, athletic trainers and massage therapists around the world.. It has been clinically proven to correct many disorders such as:

•Low Back Pain
•Neck and Shoulder Pain
•Hip and Knee Pain
•Headaches and TMJ
•Reflux and Heartburn
•Snoring and Apnea
•Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
•Pelvic Disorders

What do we do?

At the heart of our services is a revolutionary method of therapy called Matrix Repatterning, a gentle and painless hands-on therapy that corrects imbalance in soft tissue, organs and bones. Matrix Repatterning is used to alleviate the underlying causes of back, neck, joint and muscle pain, as well as other conditions associated with structural imbalance, such as: snoring & apnea, esophageal reflux (GERD), incontinence, erectile dysfunction, headaches, TMJ syndrome, and countless other limitations

How are we able to achieve such profound and lasting results?

Matrix Repatterning determines the root of the problem that is causing your pain and other health conditions, and releases tension and restriction within the deeper layers of the body, literally at the cellular level. Corrections made by a Matrix Repatterning practitioner are long lasting, since the body is restored to its natural state of tone and balance. The key to our success is that treatments result in improved cellular, organ and musculoskeletal function, and thus, overall well-being.