Natural Therapists work in partnership with women's family doctors, midwives and/or obstetricians, to provide the best care for pregnancy and childbirth.

This process begins with competent prenatal care, continues through birth and even after the baby is born.

Alternative medicine and prenatal care can start prior to a woman becoming pregnant.

The clinic can design a detoxification program with correct nutrients, to improve gastrointestinal functioning before conception.

Expectant mothers and their babies both benefit from avoiding the pesticides, preservatives and chemicals in processed, non-organic foods.

Alternative medicine can address dietary change and can recommend that the mother eliminate non-organic foods & pesticides, etc.

The clinic can advise a woman about a variety of organically-grown vegetables, grains and cereals--as well as an increase in the consumption of Omega3 fatty acids--to assist in the normal growth and development of the babies’ nervous systems and eyesight.