Hormone imbalance and Women Health


Hormone imbalance

Where do hormone imbalance symptoms come from? What are the causes of hormone imbalance? Are you experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance? Irregular cycle, unbalanced estrogens …….Toxic! Look at the next paragraph below which show the symptoms of too much of estrogen by itself. Too much estrogen called "estrogen dominance".

Estrogen dominance causes the following list of complaints:

-Hair loss,
-Fibrocystic breasts,
-Acceleration of the aging process,

-Breast cancer,
-Polycystic ovaries,
-Mood swings,
-Uterine cancer,

-Memory loss,
-Endometrial cancer,
-Bone loss,
-Low sex drive,
-Thyroid dysfunction,
-Water retention,
-Unexplained weight gain

Different women will have different symptoms of hormone imbalance and different underline causes, your doctor will have close attention to function of your master gland, thyroid, adrenal and other gland too When your estrogen and progesterone hormones are balanced, you feel more alert and energetic. Your own needs becomes much more achievable. On the way to menopause, progesterone levels become low because ovulation is becoming less frequent. But some doctors give premenopausal and menopausal women MORE and MORE estrogen! So what's wrong? The answer is science has found "more estrogen" is not as correct as once thought for treating hormone imbalance. You should always use estrogen with progesterone to keep your hormones balanced.

Weight gain, water retention, bloating, tender breasts, cramp, sweet craving & mood swings do not have to be part of your monthly cycle. Other imbalances such as excessive menstrual bleeding, irregular cycle, endometriosis, infertility, fibroids, etc.

Treating Hormonal Imbalance Naturally

Natural remedies are highly effective at helping support and restore optimal hormonal balance and enhancing PMS, irregular cycle, poly cystic ovarian syndrome and other women conditions without interfering with women's normal homeostatic processes. Nutritional therapy: modern scientific studies have conclusively proven that deficiencies in specific vitamins & minerals are the cause or at least a contributing factor towards many adverse female hormonal conditions.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Side Effects

The Women's Health Initiative (WHI) study of 16,000 participants in the WHI study, hormone replacement side effects included a 26 percent increased risk of breast cancer, a 100 percent increased risk of blood clots, a 41 percent increase in risk for strokes and six to eight times increased risk for uterine and ovarian cancer.

Now experts caution women that the following serious hormone replacement therapy side effects pose a risk to HRT user: Endometrial, ovarian and breast cancer, increased breast density, blood clots, heart attack, stroke, weight gain and gallbladder disease.

Treatment for Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery

-Induction of Labor
-Labor Pain Management
-Prolonged Labor
-Placental Expulsion
-Increase of Lactation
-Pelvic Girdle
-Pain during Pregnancy
-Preparation for Labor
-Breech presentation

Pregnancy, Labour & Delivery

-Induction of Labour 

-Labour Pain Management
-Prolonged Labour

-Placental Expulsion
-Increase of Lactation
-Pelvic Girdle
-Pain during Pregnancy
-Preparation for Labour 

-Breech presentation

Please note: Acupuncture can increase the success of IVF, among other potential ways of assisting this process.

Pre-IVF Protocol & Post Transfer

Acupuncture can decrease stress. Acupuncture can increase blood flow to the uterus & ovaries. It can strengthen the uterine lining. It can regularize HPO hormone levels. It can lead to relaxation of abdominal.

In a clinical study, the pregnancy rate for the ACAP group was considerably higher than for the control group (The pregnancy rate was 42.5% for those who had acupuncture treatments).
Many doctors still treat hormone imbalance as an "estrogen deficiency", when it's really a progesterone deficiency.
By the way - there are OTHER sources of estrogen in our society, besides what is produced internally and what is contained in synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
As a matter of fact - we're drowning in it! Birth control pills are a source. The typical western diet, with lots of meat and dairy (that has been given estrogen) is a source.
MOST petrochemicals based products have estrogen-like and toxic effects on the body, especially in unborn children. Examples of these are the many household cleaners, soaps, herbicides and sprays commonly used at home. Look at the list below for SOME of the functions played by each hormone in the body. Notice how one hormone balances the other.

Estrogen Effects 

-Weight gain
-Depression, headaches 
-Fibrocystic breasts
-Breast cancer risk
-Increases risk of gall bladder
-Increases endometrial cancer
-Decreases sex drive
-Increases blood clotting
-Causes thyroid imbalance
-Irregular menstrual flow
-Elevated blood pressure
-Risk of miscarriage
-Depletes bone density 

Progesterone Effects

-Utilizes fat for energy
-Natural antidepressant
-Protects fibrocystic breasts
-Decreases risk of breast cancer
-Needed for embryo survival
-Prevents endometrial cancer
-Restores sex drive
-Normalizes blood clotting
-Causes thyroid balance
-Normalizes periods
-Regulates blood pressure
-Prevents miscarriages
-Stimulates bone density